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The GIST and  Sarcoma Journal, Volume 3, Number 3

Journal Club and Sarcoma-Related News

The Trabectedin Story: How a New Combination Is Shifting the Paradigm of Treatment

Novel Combination—Olaratumab + Doxorubicin— Suggests Potential Paradigm Shift in Treatment of Soft-Tissue Sarcoma

ESMO 2016 Highlights: Selected Abstracts in GIST, Sarcomas


archives_v3n1The GIST Cancer Journal, Volume 3, Number 2

Journal Club and Sarcoma-Related News

The GIST Cancer Journal Interview Checkpoint Inhibitors and Sarcomas: ASCO Offers Insights Into What to Expect and Why There Is Optimism

Hereditary Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST): A Growing Awareness of Mutational Subtypes Is Redefining Recommendations for Familial Screening, Surveillance


The GIST Cancer Journal, Volume 3, Number 1

Journal Club and Sarcoma-Related News

Imaging strategies to detect recurrent GIST after surgery

ESMO Report: Recapping pivotal issues in management


The GIST Cancer Journal, Volume 2, Number 4

Case Report: A Patient with a High-Risk Resected Gastric GIST Tumor and a PDGFRA D842V Mutation

2015 CTOS Meeting Highlights:  CTOS Sessions Redefine Combination Therapies, Sequential Management Strategies in GIST and Related Sarcomas

The GIST Cancer Journal Interview  Exploring the Enormous Potential of Immunotherapy in GIST and Its Microenvironment


The GIST Cancer Journal, Volume 2, Number 3

Identifying Drug Sensitivities With Mutational Analysis to Optimize Treatment

The Gastroenterologist and GIST: Becoming More of a Diagnostician’ In the Continuum of Care

Case Report: Resection of Large GIST After Neoadjuvant Therapy


The GIST Cancer Journal, Volume 2, Number 2

Population-Based Study Provides Insight Into GIST Epidemiology, Risk of Additional Cancers

Tracking the Trials and Progress of Drugs in the Pipeline: New Directions, Novel Treatments

ASCO Highlights: Selected Abstracts Focus on Strategies to Circumvent TKI Resistance


v2n1_cover_archiveThe GIST Cancer Journal, Volume 2, Number 1

New Targets, Novel Treatments Could Achieve Translational Results and Enhanced Apoptosis of GIST Cells

Surgical Management, Clinical Outcomes in Rare GIST: Emerging Data Highlight Conservative Strategies, Preoperative TKI Use


cover_v1n4The GIST Cancer Journal, Volume 1, Number 4

Immunotherapy Drives a Paradigm Shift Toward a New Model of Treatment

Reassessing Risk and Prognostic Factors in GIST:  Updated Histology Codes Redefine Epidemiology of the Disease

Interview: GIST Investigator Highlights Key Trends in Epidemiology of the Disease

Managing Side Effects of TKI Treatment: Duration of Therapy in the Face of Toxicity

Interview: Special Considerations to Minimize the Impact of Side Effects


v1n3_coverThe GIST Cancer Journal, Volume 1, Number 3

Building a New Paradigm in CombinationTherapy: Trends, Targets, and Pivotal Trials

High Index of Suspicion for Side Effects of Imatinib Maintains Adequate Dosing, Consistent Compliance

The LRG-NIH Virtual GIST Tumor Board Goes Global

Revisiting ASCO 2014: Potential Translational Impact


cover_v1n2The GIST Cancer Journal, Volume 1, Number 2

Clinical Imperatives in GIST: Impact of Molecular Subtypes on Resistance to Therapy

Surgery in Metastatic GIST in the TKI Era: Crucial Decisions to Optimize Outcomes

Current Concepts, New Perspectives on the Genetic Basis of GISTs Lacking KIT and PDGFRA Mutations

Nurse’s Corner: Clinical Trial Education Helps Patients Overcome Barriers to Enrollment

Life Raft Group Establishes First Pediatric GIST Virtual Tumor Board in Partnership with NIH



The GIST Cancer Journal, Volume 1, Number 1

Current Clinical Trials for Metastatic GIST: Updating the Treatment Paradigm

Risk of Recurrence of Primary GIST: Available Tools Compared and Contrasted

CTOS Meeting Highlights: Emerging Concepts With Potential Impact

Posters from CTOS: What’s Hot in Biomarkers and New Treatment